Send a lettter to someone with using a QR.Code

November 11, 2022
2 min read


Personal Project




Lettre is a small project I built over the weekend to explore other new tools, One thing that caught my attention was using Prisma and Planetscale, and I'll be using those two technologies on this project.

The Idea

The Idea came from when I was browsing on TikTok, and I came across a product where they embed a Q.R code inside of pieces of jewelry, and it made me curious about how they made it and led me to build out this project.

Screenshot of the website

Picture of CompiledPicture of CompiledPicture of Compiled

Future Improvements

Here are more cool things if anyone wants to take this project to another level and make it an actual product. The goal of this project was to explore new tools and also solve the mystery behind the product that I saw.

  • Customizable Message
  • Craft animation for opening a message from a Q.R
  • Feature-rich WYSIWYG editor


  • For deployment guide refer to this link on how to deploy your next.js app with planetscale and prisma, spoiler everything was smooth.
  • For tips on how to use Prisma and Planetscale alongside refer to this link on how to better use those two technologies
  • Using Tiptap as choice of my tool for the editor.

Let's Work together

Feel free to reach out if you're looking for a developer, have a question, or just want to connect. I would love to grap a coffee with you.