How I got started freelancing as a student


Sharing my step by step proess on how I got started freelancing as a student and so can you.

January 29, 2022
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It was Saturday of November and I was laying in bed with nothing to do, I had observed that with the online class going on I had a lot of free time and I was thinking of how I could maximize the time for a better use case, and that's where I had come up with getting started into freelancing.

With the pandemic happening all around the world I had decided to focus on the positive side and think to myself on how I could take advantage of this opportunity, it was perfect timing for me to get started into freelancing as I'll be having more time with online class.

Setting up my profile

The first step that I had taken was to create an account on onlinejobsph and Upwork, fill out the information that it requires you to do. When I was writing down my professional summary it was tough for me as I didn't know how I can make it stand out from the others and after giving it a thought I decided to use emojis to add personality in my summary, emojis are great as it adds a bit of a personality with adding emojis that fits with your description, here's an example of how I had used emoji for my bio where I had used emojis to highlight my skillset.

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⭐️ JavaScript


Now that my profile is all set up the next thing that I had done was to do some research, Mindlessly applying to jobs without doing research will just result in wasting your time and won't even get yourself to the doorstep of the client. I had made sure that my professional summary is well-written and straight-forward that clients would know straight under the hood my expertise, I had also improved my writing when it comes to writing a proposal and a lot more.

I credited most of the tips that I had learned when applying to Upwork to a YouTuber called Josh Burns Tech

  • Grab attention and hook clients fast
  • Show examples of work
  • Give a reason why they want to hire you
  • Call to Action
  • Professional closing

note that this template might differ from one client to another so it's always important that you make it personal to the client that you're sending it out to.


Now the last thing that I had done was to apply to jobs, every morning I would go to Upwork and check out for jobs that interest me, Before I sent out a proposal to a job I would first check how many people had already sent out their proposals, as it would be hard to compete with other freelancers if there had a lot already had applied. I always try to personalize my proposal to each of the clients that I'm applying to further stand out.

Mistakes Encountered

One of the things that had stopped me when getting started on freelancing was the self-doubt that I had in myself as I had thought that I had needed first to master this technology or have a solid understanding first of the programming language but this mindset of mind was wrong as this was preventing me to getting started at freelancing. And what I had also realized is that you'll always never be ready so just go straight and I'm sure things will just go find as you will learn most in the midst of uncertainty.